African Birds Eye Chillis (Peri-Peri) Dried Pods

The best spicy meals can’t be made without a generous dose of Chilli Pepper. Specific recipe calls for specific variety of Chilli Pepper and any deviation can be a disaster. Needless to say, knowing the right Chilli Pepper is one of the secret of making a good meal.

African Birds Eye are up to SHU 250,000 on the heat scale Like all chilli peppers, the piri piri is descended from South American cultivars, but Piri piri has grown in the wild in much of Africa for centuries and is now cultivated commercially in Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. It grows mainly in Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

It is cultivated for both commercial food processing and the pharmaceutical industry.

Weight: 30 grams
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